versova beach cleanup

The man behind the clean-up of Mumbai’s Versova beach is Afroz Shah who was awarded the UN’s top environmental accolade – Champions of the Earth award - in 2016 for his work. Cleaning it would not cross the minds of an average individual; however, Afroz Shah is no ordinary person. Versova beach is lighter by more than 7,000 tons of garbage and every day Shah gets emails from people all over the country who tell him how … But piles of trash and sewage contamination have made them unsafe for visitors in recent Mumbai, the most populous city in India, is known for its beaches. Versova Beach now reigns as one of the cleanest … Afroz even received the highest award of the Champions of the Earth from the United Nations Environment Project (UNEP) in 2016 for his pioneering efforts to clean up the Versova beach in Mumbai. Versova beach, located in north-western Mumbai, was one of the dirtiest beaches of the city before the locals decided to clean up the filth. (Hindustan Times) Versova is a flat sandy beach with thick mangroves, some sections of which are also being choked by this trash. Versova Beach in Mumbai before the cleanup Shah tweeted his progress on Twitter , and before long, his following grew and thousands of volunteers from all walks of life, from slumdogs and city dwellers to missionaries and tourists, flocked to Versova Beach to shovel debris, often standing shin-deep in … But the efforts of lawyer-activist, Afroz Shah has breathed in it a new life. Afroz Shah had started the Versova Beach cleanup campaign in October 2015 and had reportedly removed more than 5 million kilograms of trash from the beach. Mumbai's Versova beach was in a state of ruin a few years back. Versova Beach in Mumbai was considered one of the dirtiest beaches in the world just five years ago. The clean-up effort focuses on Versova beach, a one-and-a-half-mile strip of coastline in western Mumbai facing the Arabian Sea. Global Citizen reported on the 33-year old lawyer's efforts last year, but his volunteer organization, Versova Residents Volunteers, was only half-way through with the massive undertaking, which is being hailed as the "world's largest beach clean-up effort." The clean-up movement is getting more expanding and more volunteers are joining. In 85 weeks, the beach underwent a … Garbage on Versova beach, before residents started a clean-up drive.

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