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You could ignore this, but it can be annoying if you bump the joystick or if an observer accidentally touches it and affects your game. I can't seem to find a happy medium with the mouse settings and the Trackball/spinner. Honosuseri 332 Honosuseri 332 HyperNewbie; User; 332 823 posts; UK; Posted September 3, 2019. Spinner Support. Where it wishes to do the work of God, it becomes not divine, but demonic. Plug it in via usb, if it moves the curser left and right your ready to rock and roll. posted by Steve. For MAME driving games, using a trackball or spinner is iffy at best, and I'm not even referring to the obvious fact that trackballs and spinners don't look or feel like an arcade steering wheel. inside the MAME gui menu per game, but you can look at the resulting changes in the .rc file and replicate/adjust however you like. Spazmier #117119 04/03/20 01:46 PM. 100% means every OS analog change is sent to MAME. 1. I am new to this whole MAME arcade cabinet stuff, so forgive me if I am missing something simple. MAME setup:: Installation:: x-y dual spinners. Dear Forum,I suffer a big problem with my trackball / spinner vs. Game options. A good game to verify that the Spinner is the right direction is TAC SCAN. Using MAME & Romlister, this is the list it reports using "dial" and "trackball" control types and 2 or more buttons. It's defaulted to the max sensitivity and I find it more useful if it's toned down. To find the turn count of a game go t... refresh More . For me, Tempest 4000 is a loveless product of a dispute between a desperate and scatterbrained developer and a money-hungry company that exploits old names and brand rights. Posts: 19. When using a trackball with a mouse encoder, you generally set it to 25% because a mouse counts 4x then the original arcade hardware. Try adjusting the sensitivity settings for the analog controls. schedule 8 Hours 26 Minutes ago . Where X = The number of turn intervals for one full rotation of the spinner. I have a PC running Windows 7, and the Joysticks and buttons I have are working great. Arcade-Spinner v0.7. That 800 value is plugged into the formula: (X * 100 / 800) = Dial Sensitivity value. Member. subject Comment bookmark Bookmark Report. Set the settings in mame to however you want it, you can change sensitivity etc. « Last Edit: December 10, 2020, 05:19:16 pm by KenToad » Logged In Reply to: Spinner Speed and Sensitivity setting in Mame ? This is only necessary if the control is not moving in the correct direction. Portugal. I have got my retropie to recognize both controllers and everything works great except for MAME. Start Arkanoid again and press TAB for the in-game menu. Its ps/2 to usb plugged into the front usb ports on my cab. and maybe "Dial Sensitivity" (up to 70 - 100) at Analog Controls ... Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: mame, spinner, arkanoid. Turns out the circuit board was dead. It helps to adjust the mouse polling rate as described in your link for more accuracy and you will need to tweak the analog controls (sensitivity etc.) I just want the best settings for my trackball and spinner. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. posted by Steve. hint: google for 'spinner … Set Sensitivity for each game according to your preferences. G. on 28, 2000 at 5:44 AM: It will depend on the spinner/mouse dpi, the driver settings and the serial or PS/2 interface (If you are using an actual spinner) For example, with the Fultra Spinner and KE72, 30% works well in all games. ToledoJoe December 2020 edited December 2020. R. RomKnight. Joined: Aug 2008. So they developed Tempest 4000 with spinner support and seemed to enjoy it pretty much. Member. The Spinner does not have a housing yet. I bought some normal plastic foot switches off the Internet to work with this and it works fantastic. Link to post Share on other sites. Im not sure how to get it setup, or if its working. 72/1200*100 = 6% Lifetime Warranty → Easy Returns → Shipping Fees & Times → 100% Secure Shopping → Relive Thousands of Classics. When I first start 720° in Mame with these changes, the FIRST time that I register movement on the calibration spinner, the skateboarder immediately jumps to 12 o'clock, thus initially calibrating it when you spin it the first time. The TAB key in the Mame game screen will bring up an Analog control option. I. I have purchased a spinner: Arcade Spinner for Arcade1Up and a 12in1 board: Arcade1Up 12 in 1 Interface Board I have them connected to my … You may need to enter the Analog Controls configuration menu in MAME (by pressing the 'Tab' key while the game is running) and select Reverse Dial "ON". This is an Arduino Micro (or clone) arcade spinner with 6 buttons (up to 10) for use with MAME or any other emulator which can use the X axis of the mouse as a paddle/spinner controller. Here is what happened: My Mame system was running untouched for about 2 years. 2. Since it uses MAME data, a game with a steering wheel (ie, Demolition Derby) will show up because it is categorized as a "dial" game. Portugal. Another example is using a 1200 (300 teeth * 4) count spinner to replace the 72 count spinner used in Tempest. Share this post. So its likely spinner based games will read the analogue values from your stick and convert them to a speed value, so -256 will mean move left at full speed where -156 will mean move left at a slower speed. Emulation Station → Other Emulation → build a MAME ARCADE machine Started by simbamame , 17 Oct 2018 mame, mame arcade, arcade machine : 0 replies 366 Views; Emulation Station → MAME → MAME Flash Videos Started by STAT , 21 Aug 2017 mame… The values that worked for me were sensitivity X: 50, sensitivity Y: 200. Thanks for all of the help so far. In MAME Arcade 0.220, the default sensitivity is with 30, which is far too low for Arkanoid. A short video showing how to adjust the sensitivity of your spinner in MAME so it feels close to the original machine. Home Page Forums MAME MAME Spinner Setup Help? An example from the first link below: Tempest, 72 count if the control you use has 1200 counts per turn, the sensitivity calculation is: Sensitivity = 100 * 72 / 1200 = 6% RomKnight. For MAME's spinner and trackball controlled games, only Sensitivity affects performance. I'm thinking of getting a Logitech G920 steering wheel & pedal set along with the shifter for use in MAME. I recently got a new SlikStik Spinner for my cab. I think you can do this from within mame for each game. We design and manufacture high end arcade interfaces, trackballs, spinners, light guns, pushbuttons, human interface devices, video components, and other arcade accessories. Pope Benedict XVI. Tiger Woods ™ PGA Tour Series; Tiger Woods™ 2004 - Use TrueSwing; Tiger Woods™ 2005 - Use TrueSwing; MS Links 2003™ Golden Tee™ PC - (Win98/ME only) Shop with confidence. Head for Analog Controls 3. The "X" value varies from game to game. "Sensitivity is the scale factor to apply to the analog value. I am using AdvanceMame. 3 months ago the trackball and the spinner started to create backspin problems - no settings were changed before. I'm using the spinner turn count page on BYOAC but movements seem to be jerky. Secondarily, why does older MAME have both features, while newer MAME has only digital speed? Adjust Dial Sensitivity . Tempest the value is 72. Mar 26, 2018 - A short video showing how to adjust the sensitivity of your spinner in MAME so it feels close to the original machine. As of Mame 142, support for the 720 arcade joystick has been added to the official Mame build, so there is no longer any need to run an old version of Mame Analog+ or build your own old version of Mame in order to use the 720 arcade joystick. The only thing you can do is to adjust the sensitivity until you get a level that feels comfortable (or use an optical device like a mouse). 04-19-2009, 03:14 PM #5. I have embarked on making my own MAME arcade cabinet. Just attach a spinner disk to the roller in the mouse that the ball spins(the one that makes it move left and right) You should then be able to adjust mouse sensitivity to get it to match your game. Macmame - Any Mame Trackball Titles; Downloadable PC Golf Demos. The video goes into a more thorough explanation. Do more... Share, comment, bookmark or report . Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Ed Oscuro. Okay if you can't wait, load up your favorite Mame Spinner game and give it a try. This seems to be the case, anyways, but not always. Simply go into the MAME GUI menu and edit controls for "this game" and remove the joystick inputs. I … MAME pre-configures joystick inputs in lieu of analog controls for some games to make them playable by users without a spinner/trackball. Posts: 19. Set the sensitivity all the way up to 255. Thx Maybe there are other settings in mame that i don't know about? I would never think of dip switches on a spinner! Accurate Spinner Sensitivity in MAME - YouTube. A: To tweak the analog sensitivity in MAME to better emulate real hardware. Wherever politics tries to be redemptive, it is promising too much. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Arcade Spinner for Arcade1Up at mice dual spinners:: Linux help :: Legacy Support (Model 1 &2) MAME setup. > Sensitivity is the scale factor to apply to the … In Reply to: Speed & Sensitivity in MAME with Spinner ? Arkanoid the value is 486, and Arkanoid II the value is 972. Final step: Adjusting Spinner Sensitivity It is very important that you immediately adjust the sensitivity. What level should the mouse sensitivity be in windows for spinner and trackball? Note: For the most part, the information on this page is obselete. What would be the best sensitivity for the steering wheel (i.e. R. Joined: Aug 2008. The problem is, there are multiple different types of steering controllers that were used in arcade games over the years. Okay, so (in the case of using a spinner for something like PP, in particular here a Tornado Spinner) does that mean higher settings of digital speed and autocenter make for a tighter response? 720° Arcade Circular Spinner Joystick MAME modification. Had trouble with the spinner at first as no response. In Devices and Printers its seen as a Generic Keyboard. - port_bit( 0xffff, 0x0000, ipt_dial ) port_sensitivity(70) port_keydelta(15) port_player(1) Set the Emulator+ROM for ‘Advanced MAME 1.4’. II. Forums Calendar Active Threads: Previous Thread: Next Thread : Print Thread: Re: Spinner Setup Help? not too low or high?) Select Launch. In AdvancedMAME press the TAB key. G. on 17, 2001 at 2:12 PM: The big problem with using the mouse port(and driver) for a spinner is acceleration.

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