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More from this Member | Report Response, "Studied my secondary, read website, read ethics book, and mock interviews." | Report Response, "Asked in detail about my family and financial situation (I have a rather unique background). " User #6183; Application cycles: 2006; Demographics: Male, Home state: California; Brief Profile: - BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - 3 years as Hardware Engineer - 4.0 GPA Post-bacc - 500 hours volunteering and shadowing physicians at 2 hospitals (2 yrs) - Emergency room … | Report Response, "What one defining quality about yourself would you want people to celebrate about you?" | Report Response, "The students were amazing. | Report Response, "The new facilities (pharm building) and the students were pretty cool. Hard questions!" Program. I think she actually might have talked more than I did." More from this Member I really enjoyed talking to the students. More from this Member good experience." 7/23/18: Complete UC Irvine. More from this Member The cost of living in the area surrounding UCSD is really high. I guess one that I had a little difficulty with was ''What are you willing to sacrifice for a career in medicine?''" However, a lot of changes have been made since then and first year students seem to be very happy. They are usually 30-45 minutes, mine lasted 40 minutes for one and 70 minutes for the other. | Report Response, "Dr. David Rose was so nice. | Report Response, "Interviewers at this school play hardball" Everything was impressive." an orientation to our day and an overview of the med. More from this Member Research opportunities are excellent." More from this Member It was stressful, but I got a lot out of the interviews. More from this Member | Report Response, "Older buildings" More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "Tell me about xxxx in your research..." More from this Member 9:30 1st Interview More from this Member More from this Member It's sometimes possible to find housing there by hooking up with current residents looking for roomates. | Report Response, "tell me your life story" More from this Member | Report Response, "Teaching wasn't something you have ever considered?" Postbaccalaureate Programs. Regardless of whether applicants choose to attend UCSF or not, this opportunity will expand applicants’ professional networks and enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion within STEM and higher education. Ladies, bring comfortable shoes! | Report Response, "What would you change about our society if you could only change one thing?" SD is a very relaxed atmosphere. | Report Response, "That La Jolla is so expensive." | Report Response, "The welcoming enthusiasm of the student body...random people stopping and making time to tell me how nice their school was." More from this Member | Report Response, "Read through my AMCAS application, secondary, autobiography, thought of answers to the "usual" questions, looked through info I'd collected on the school, talked to friends who attend this school" More from this Member He just kept flipping through my application saying stuff like "Wow you are a very impressive applicant" and "Would you really even come to UCSD?". | Report Response, "The school seemed to be trying a little too hard to dispell "rumors" that were going around about SD." More from this Member But otherwise I really liked the school" More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "Why UCSD? More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "Tell me about yourself. " More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "Why should I tell the admissions committee to accept you instead of the guy who was just in here since he has a lot of lab research experience and you do not?" More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member UCSD will not keep you waiting - you find out if your accepted, WL, or rejected within a week of your interview! | Report Response, "I was just thrown off a bit by my second interviewer. How different the student environment is, compared to all of the rumors you hear. | Report Response, "the other applicants. Second interview, PhD – professor of lung physiology. | Report Response, "The school has a big incentive to help you through your education. The training in EP, heart failure, intervention, and imaging is quite advanced … | Report Response, "SD was definitely the lowest stress interview I attended. | Report Response, "Why did you transfer universities" Both encouraged it to be a conversation and not just only a question and answer format." | Report Response, "I looked at their website, read over my AMCAS, and practiced breething to calm myself down." More from this Member How do you relieve stress in school?" User #17978; Application cycles: 2009; Demographics: Male, 34, Caucasian; Home state: California; Last Active: 02/16/2011; Brief Profile: I have an upward trend in GPA, with a 3.96 senior year. I felt more confident following my interview with her and my stress level decreased a great deal coming into the second interview with a faculty member. More from this Member 1:30 Director of Student Life presentation More from this Member | Report Response, "Outside the school of medicine, the school looks like a big community college. More from this Member | Report Response, "How would you tell a patient they were going to die? More from this Member More from this Member Reviewed over current medical ethics issues from the University of Washington's SOM Medical Ethics website. | Report Response, "Go back as early as you can and explain how you decided that you wanted to be a doctor."

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