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I attended Hack Reactor and graduated at the beginning of July, 2019. They teach you stuff with will help you get a job. You learn a lot. The course is divided in to two phases, a “Junior” phase and a “Senior” phase. Target. Salaries ranged from $50,000 to $179,000 in 2015. I also appreciated the support given from the counseling staff. Go to the Bootcamp page The total cost of on campus tuition at Hack Reactor is $17,980. The full-time bootcamp, both onsite and online, takes 12 weeks to complete with class from 9am-8pm. Three of them accepted Software Engineering Immersive Resident positions at HR before they finished the program. Take the exact same Hack Reactor coding bootcamp after hours, live online, without having to quit your day job. Their program covers Computer Science Fundamentals, Full Stack App Development, and Production-Grade Engineering. HRR is tough…but well worth it. Overview. Report this profile ; Activity. Repayment is capped at 1.75x tuition. After graduation, the job support counselors also guide you through the job search process, and they’re very attentive about finding opportunities that are tailored for your interests. The speed, intensity and amount of knowledge learned in a short period is not for the faint of heart, but if you are dedicated and willing to give it your all then this is the program for you. Greater Seattle Area 71 connections. Galvanize’s career services and support have far surpassed my expectations. Three years ago, Kevin felt stuck in his Mechanical Engineering job, so he decided to attend Hack Reactor’s full-time coding bootcamp in San Francisco after hearing glowing reviews from multiple friends. Students are eligible to pay as little as $2,000 down and pay the remainder of their tuition over 60 months. And as an investment, it’s immeasurable. Fortunately for me I had a friend in Austin who decided to go through the program with me. Hack Reactor has recently partnered with Galvanize to help impact more students at additional locations. Specifically I have to praise Marlene Tang, their alumni director. The community is close-knit and emphasizes both great soft skills and great technical skills. Hack Reactor is the premier immersive software developer program focused on training full-stack software engineers and making experts in Javascript. But remote work and hybrid-remote work has become even more widespread amid the coronavirus pandemic as a growing number of companies are experimenting with telework on a … Income Share Agreements. Everyone is there for the same reason and it makes grind a lot more bearable. Overall, the biggest thing that helped me was just having someone who understood the industry and job market really well. The curriculum is extremely up to date, the instructors are very knowledgeable on the latest tech and are constantly making sure they are up to date with the industry. The Senior phase is more centered around larger applications and larger teams. The instructors were great, my cohort was fantastic, and I learned more in a short period than I ever have before in my life (this from someone with a PhD!). It’s been a little over a month since we graduated and only one person hasn’t received an offer yet. NUMBERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Hack Reactor is one of the most prestigious coding bootcamps throughout the United States. Led by passionate and experienced teachers, engineering leaders and former hiring managers, we produce software engineers the best teams want to hire. They … Speaking of good investments, one thing I did not consider at all when looking at bootcamps but has honestly been the best ROI of the whole process has been the Alumni job search support. During the former, you spend a lot of time pair programming and working to complete various coding projects. Report this profile Activity Dojo time is a real thing, as anyone who graduated from Coding Dojo can tell you. The Most Student-Friendly ISA. I graduated in August 2018 from the part-time-program. Within a few weeks of graduating I had two job offers and a few other very promising leads that I didn’t continue to pursue because I accepted a job offer that I couldn’t be happier with. Hack Reactor. That seems pretty cool initially. My counselor was Nicole and she was such a key part of the process. They make use of Galvanize campuses in Austin, Boulder, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Seattle. Microsoft Reactors are neighborhood campuses, where developers and startup communities meet, learn, connect and innovate. It’s 100% remote, but that was actually one of the best things about it. Hack Reactor also offers Income Share Agreements through Galvanize. Hack Reactor. I was also impressed with the time dedicated to job preparation and coaching — daily whiteboarding, interview prep, resume review, and one-on-one coaching really helped when I jumped into the job hunt. Having been self taught for a while before enrolling, for me personally it would have taken me years to learn on my own what I learned in three months. By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of cookies. I decided to sign up for HR’s bootcamp prep course which is called SSP. The entire instruction team (Hailey, Annah, Robin, and Cody) does a stellar job of communicating with the students to make sure they’re progressing on pace. Before attending I had been programming in my spare time for a couple years, but I was never able to maintain any kind of structure or rigor to my learning. I also felt like I learned enough domain knowledge about web development to be able to pick up just about anything I need to learn on my own. After a lot of research; I literally read every review I could find on App Academy and Hack Reactor. Hack Reactor is a software engineering Coding Bootcamp education program founded in San Francisco by Anthony Phillips, Shawn Drost, Marcus Phillips, and Douglas Calhoun in 2012. Hack Reactor’s mission is to produce the best software engineers so  the best companies will want to hire them. I scheduled a retake for next week and was accepted into the HRATX40 cohort.

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