Download in PDF: XJetAir_Export_Checklist | XJetAir-Certificate-of-Airworthiness-Checklist

Aircraft Registration:                                      Make & Model:                                  Serial Number:

Export to:                                                            Date Exported:                                  Location:

Exporter contact info:

  1. ________ Application for export, FAA Form 8130-1, submitted and properly filled out. FAA Order 8130.2G, Para. 806. A notarized letter from the seller is required appointing a representative for the purpose of signing the export application. FAA Order 8130.2G Para. 806 b. (3) (7).
  2. ________ Compliance with special export requirements or obtain approved waiver from importing country. FAA Order 8130.2G Para. 500 b.
  3. ________ Conformance to type certificate or an STC. FAR 21.329 (a) (1) (i) and FAR 183 (d) (1).
  4. ________ Review maintenance records for compliance with applicable AD’s, for airframe, powerplant, and installed equipment. FAR Part 21.183 (d) (1) and 43.15 (a) (1).
  5. ________ Review maintenance records for compliance with life limited parts. FAR Part 21.183 (d) (1) and 43.15 (a) (1).
  6. ________ Review historical records such as aircraft and engine logbooks, repair and alteration forms, ensure serial numbers match with the airframe, engine(s), propeller and APU being exported. FAR Part 21.183 (d) (1).
  7. ________ The aircraft must be within the Inspection times of the appropriate Inspection in accordance with FAR Part 91.409.   AC 21-44 Para. 11 (b).
  8. ________ Aircraft Flight Manual. FAR Part 21.5 and TCDS.
  9. ________ Current Weight and Balance report. TCDS
  10. ________ Aircraft located outside the U.S., must have a valid airworthiness certificate. FAR Part 329 (a) (2) (i), FAA Order 8130.2G Para. 506 (c) and Para. 508 (b).
  11. ________ Review all documents required as part of the certification file, FAA Order 8130-2G Para. 515.
  12. ________ Request copy of deregistration (letter from owner requesting deregistration) and surrendered airworthiness and registration certificates. FAR Part 21.335 (e) (1) (2) & (3) and FAA Order 8130.2G, Para. 510 e. (1) (2).
  13. ________ For aircraft, complete Export Certificate of Airworthiness FAA Form 8130-4, FAA Order 8130.2G, Para. 512, signed in blue or black ink. Original to exporter, copy for FAA.
  14. _________Make a logbook entry for the issuance of export certificate, not required by FAA policy.
  15. ________ For aircraft, complete E-Card, issued   __________________. FAA Order 8130.2G, Para. 514.